Jump starting a dead battery

Today I received an email about someone that viewed my post from almost 7 years ago when I spent some time in Korea and the Philippines. Brook is someone I have known for at least 7 years and I have always admired her integrity. I don’t know exactly what it is about her but she has always charged me with good vibes. We hardly ever spoke but we recognized each other. I most recently ran into her at Start Up San Diego when I was raising capital for a start up and she was also pursuing her start up venture as well. We connected, shared some pleasantries and wished each other good luck.

6 months into Covid and I see that she is getting traction on her venture and then I notice her blog. She immediately charged me up again and inspired me to write again. I subscribed to her blog and found it to be so full of love and encouragement for anyone who has ever been overlooked. This little spark plug instantly ignited my deep desire to connect with the broken hearted. What she said spoke directly to me and I was so grateful that she wrote about her life experiences because she was writing to just one person in this whole universe and begging that person to just shine again.

I can’t wait to keep writing and not wonder if anyone will read it. The person or dead batteries that need to read it will find it and they also will be recharged to get their life started again and to get on down the road to their next adventure.

Thank you Brook for being such a bright start in my dark universe and for bringing back the dead. Can you hear the Va Va Vrooooooom?


2 thoughts on “Jump starting a dead battery

  1. Alex,

    Reading this warmed my heart. Thank you for sharing these words as eloquently as you did. As I read them, I found myself wanting to meet this person who you wrote about until I realized I was her. 🙂 This right here is a testament of what real connection looks like. When each individual can inspire the other to create sparks of life for each other so the world becomes a brighter place. It’s exactly as it should be. Keep on going. I hear that engine fired up. LET’S GO!!

    • I know you had no idea that you could bring me back to life. But so many people have told me to write a book because of how I write letters and how I form ideas on paper and it took you spark my flame. I will forever thank you and will continue to draw on your well for inspiration. I just think the world of you and will always keep praying for you.

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